TF Miter

A work center with 2 controlled axis for the execution of mortises and tenons at the edge of pieces.  it is ideal for the construction of frames and doors both on solid wood and MDF.  Easily programable by means of MACRO system, it allows for the possibility to execute different cycles on each table (i.e.: cutting and mortising on one table and tenoning on the other one). … [Read more...]


COMPACT executes holes, mortises, tenons, as well as contour shaping operations on 5 axes profiles with no limits in centre distances and angles, on chair components and solid wood elements. … [Read more...]


TARGET has been carefully studied in order to offer a high degree of technology in compact dimensions, it can perform a variety of routing operations by 5 interpolating axis. … [Read more...]


SWING is the high speed-multipurpose work centre, ideal for complex machining on solid wood components, plastic parts and derivatives. It is possible to equip the SWING work center with 2 loading areas, thus allowing great advantages: • consecutive execution of right and left pieces or 2 totally different pieces • autonomy of the machine, having 2 areas to be charged, without the necessity of having the operator in front of it • possibility to set-up one piece magazine while the machine is working with the other one, thus eliminating set-up … [Read more...]