Mortisers & Tenoners

Industrial Machines that Perform Slotting & Mortising Used in the Fabrication of Wood, Plastics, Aluminum, and Composites.

The mortise and tenon system guarantees robust joints with low cost production. Pade has manufactured thousands of this type of machine since the 1960’s to current production. The range has been integrated during the last few years with the application of the NC technology to respond to the needs of fastest changeover times.

TF Miter

A work center with 2 controlled axis for the execution of mortises and tenons at the edge of pieces.  it is ideal for the construction of frames and doors both on solid wood and MDF.  Easily programable by means of MACRO system, it allows for the possibility to execute different cycles on each table (i.e.: cutting and mortising on one table and tenoning on the other one). … [Read more...]


MO executes slots for the tenon jointing system and is particularly suitable for the manufacturing of chairs, tables, and solid wood components in general.  The two working tables move alternatively towards the tool thus allowing the operator to replace the piece of wood already machined while the other piece is being worked. … [Read more...]


TF executes round shaped tenons with chanfered edges either horizontal or vertical on straight or curved pieces. The two worktables are fixed while the cutter alternatively goes to the workpiece allowing the operator to feed one table when the other piece is being machined on the second table. … [Read more...]


COMPACT executes holes, mortises, tenons, as well as contour shaping operations on 5 axes profiles with no limits in centre distances and angles, on chair components and solid wood elements. … [Read more...]