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e-Lab is a powerful tool that works together with your CAM software after the program is posted to the machine or it can also be used independently allowing you to program simple parts from drawing files without dedicated CAM software.  Simply import dxf files and use the macros that are embedded in e-Lab such as drilling, tenoning, mortising, cutting, etc. to carry out those functions in the desired locations.  Input the values for depth, speed, etc and you have simple programming done without having to use your CAM software.  In either case the programs you have written are broken down by e-Lab so that any part of the program can be modified at the machine without the need of going back to the office for changes or modifications that are most easily done on the floor.

In addition e-Lab provides the normal functionality you would expect from a top of the line 5 axis machining center.

  • Tool path optimization insures perfectly smooth tool travel
  • Cycle optimization makes the best use of your machining center by insuring that all operations are carried out in the most efficient sequence without delay.
  • Collision avoidance allows your programmer to see the tool path on a simulation, warn him or her if any fixtures interfere and quickly offer an alternative path if necessary.
  • Cycle time calculations are available prior to actually machining the part for the first time.