Easy, intuitive, visual: the indispensable software for the efficient management of PADE Work Centers

The optional Genius software verifies the real tool path of the work pieces, simulating in real time any opportunity for collision, with the possibility of quickly resolution through creation of an alternative tool path  and complete optimizing of the cycle time.  With GENIUS, the necessary equipment (pneumatic clamps, fixtures, and so on) can be accurately located for correct positioning on the machine table.  The real cycle time is calculated prior to running the first piece.  This software can be applied to all PADE work centers and allows you to decide for which machine the work piece is best suited, after having compared  cycle times for that part on different machines.  The program is then completed and saved, and can be directly transferred on-line via Ethernet to the selected PADE work center.  This allows for a drastic reduction of testing and idle time.