Sincro / Mill

The SINCRO and MILL are the newest machines from PADE.  They are in the same family of machines but offer different methods of holding the work piece.  Both are 5 axis machining centers with a fixed column, which makes them ideal to work long shaped pieces.  Their design allows working all sides.


  • T2 – 1 double spindle motor on a single support arm.  It is used in all those applications where few tools are needed (maximum of 2) such as veneer bended seat shells or plastic components after being pressed.
  • T2+1 – 3 spindles mounted on a single arm support with 1 double and 1 single spindle motor.  Its small size allows milling in narrow spaces with no need of bespoke expended spindle supports.
  • T2+2 – 4 spindles mounted on a single arm support with 2 double spindle motors.  The minimum distance between the spindles allows short movements between the various works to be executed thus granting faster working times.
  • 3 clamping columns – mounted to the table which moves in the “X” and “Y” direction
  • Two hopper feeders – which allow the table to pick up from two positions makes doing left’s and rights extremely efficient.


  • T 1 head configuration
  • 6 position tool chager
  • Additional tool changer capacity if needed
  • Matrix table design
  • Vacuum for fixturing


  • 3D viewing with integrated simulation
  • Collision control
  • Simple and intuitive programming interface
  • Calculation of the cycle times
  • Automatic generation of the most efficient paths