Sincro / Mill

The SINCRO and MILL are the newest machines from PADE.  They are in the same family of machines but offer different methods of holding the work piece.  Both are 5 axis machining centers with a fixed column, which makes them ideal to work long shaped pieces.  Their design allows working all sides. MAIN SINCRO and MILL CONFIGURATIONS T2 – 1 double spindle motor on a single support arm.  It is used in all those applications where few tools are needed (maximum of 2) such as veneer bended seat shells or plastic components after being … [Read more...]


OMEGA is the machining centre with overhead 5-axis and mobile cross beam ideal to work long shaped pieces. The machine design allows to work 5 sides of the piece in one or two working areas.  OMEGA features 2 automatic loaders/unloaders which empathize its efficiency in producing large batches. Nevertheless machine modular construction also allows the manual loading to produce small batches as well. … [Read more...]