Sincro / Mill

The SINCRO and MILL are the newest machines from PADE.  They are in the same family of machines but offer different methods of holding the work piece.  Both are 5 axis machining centers with a fixed column, which makes them ideal to work long shaped pieces.  Their design allows working all sides. MAIN SINCRO and MILL CONFIGURATIONS T2 – 1 double spindle motor on a single support arm.  It is used in all those applications where few tools are needed (maximum of 2) such as veneer bended seat shells or plastic components after being … [Read more...]

Chrono Solo

5 axes CNC work centre for the production of small/medium size components. It features one working area with 2 mobile traverses, each traverse with 2 vacuum pods (TANDEM). It is possible to add extra traverses in order to work several components in one cycle. The modular design allows to easily and rapidly fit to the main traverses dedicated equipment for piece holding such as TST, M3 and DOUBLECLAMP. … [Read more...]