Uinze 8T

UINZE CNC linear shaping and sanding machines represents the ideal solution for the machining of solid wood components, particularly chairs, tables, sofas, balconies, etc.
The fast set-up of the UINZE CNC and the high working speed translate into output which double the one of standard machines. The high-tech mechanical design and the powerful CNC the machines are equipped with, guarantee superb finish level even under the most difficult working conditions (ex.: high removal of wood).



The Uinze series is built on a substantial base of electro welded heat-treated, stress-relieved steel.   Operating units, spindle mountings and the work piece table are made of cast iron, heavily reinforced to insure maximum accuracy and absorption to avoid any vibration transmission to the tooling.

PADE Uinze 8T CNC Linear Shapers Sanders CN Control


A cast iron module has been treated and allowed to stabilize to a maximum bending tolerance of .00078” under maximum clamping pressure.

A ball screw drive on linear guides with preloaded double ball bearing blocks is used to guarantee the most precise and smooth movement.   The linear guides are supplied with a “High Protection” system to prevent any intrusion of wood dust.    This guarantees a longer life for both at the linear guides and bearing blocks.   The high rigidity obtained from the combination of the fix ball screw design and linear guides ensures precise movement and optimal performance of the machine for years.


The Uinze 8T comes with 8 working units: 4 shaping units and 4 double speed shaping/sanding units.  The heads slide on linear rails with preloaded roller bearings guides and are controlled by high precision ball bearing screws.  The sturdy structure of the units, together with strong motors, allows heavy material removal.  The spindle shafts are hardened, with Left Hand and Right Hand rotation.  Each is perfectly centered, and each is mounted in triple high speed ball bearings sets.  All units swivel in three positions, -10°, 0° +10°, to obtain the best execution of rounding the ends of parts, even at maximum speed.   The oscillating system for the sanding units is completely mechanical and is regulated by remote control.

The X (table) and Y (working heads) axes are controlled by brushless motors with numerically controlled drives. 


 Uinze 8T Holddown system and workpiece positioners

The Uinze comes with 6 clamping cylinders utilizing hexagonal shaft and a special anti-rotation system.  It is adjustable and can be tilted. Each can be accurately located with its own reference scale for fast and practical positioning.   Values that can be saved in the commentary section of the program, using the operator interface.


 Uinze 8T Pneumatic reference bar

The pneumatic reference bar uses reference points scaled using points which can be saved in the program using the operator interface.



 Uinze 8T Suction system

Very effective suction system composed of 8 (eight) 6” diameter dust hoods (one for each head).

Uinze 8T Dust Hoods

4 – 6” diameter dust hoods (two on each side) for the collection of chips and dust, which normally lies beneath the units.


 Uinze 8T Opening on one side

The operator side of the machine opens, allowing easy and quick access to the tool area.  This unique feature allows the operator to be free to make changes to the tooling without the normal aggravation of reaching and the obvious safety issues of reaching and doing work while handling heavy tooling.

The opening/closing movement of machine side is hydraulically driven and activated by a simple electric impulse button.  Absolute accuracy of machine alignment is achieved by locking the assembly with hardened and tapered pins.


An automatic lubrication system is provided on the Uinze. The oil pump is controlled by the controller.   Lubrication is programmable and automatic so that injection of oil will lubricate all of the moving parts of the machine when appropriate.  The Uinze is Equipped with an early warning system.  A message will appear on the computer screen when the oil needs to be replenished. 


Uinze 8T Electrical cabinet

The electrical cabinet is located at the left side of the machine with an air conditioning system for temperature regulation.  This allows for the best functionality of all electronic parts on the machine (protection level IP54).