5-Axis CNC Machining and work centers for the Woodworking and Advanced Materials Industries

E-Lab CAM Software

E-LAB is the powerful CAM software with 3D simulation for the easy and fast programming of all PADE 5 axis machining centers.

  • E-LAB checks in real time for any possible collision, and offers a quickly search for possible alternatives.  It also calculates the real cycle time of the pieces that will be produced on the work center.
  • E-LAB will  simulate each operation of the programmed piece as well as the complete program.  It will also allow you to optimize the program by studying the best possible tool path, therefore achieving the highest possible results in terms of quality.
  • The interface is easy and intuitive, the programs are displayed as a tree structure, so that it will be possible for the operator to add/remove individual operations, edit the sequence of the operations and easily define the tools required, considering pods, clamps, etc. which can be seen graphically on the screen.
  • E-Lab allows importing simple .dxf drawings, that can then be processed in 5-axis programs.  A series of macros are provided for the programming of simple operations (such as holes, slots and tenons), where the user would simply enter the size for each of them. The values of each programmed operation can be modified in a special grid that appears next to each operation.