5-Axis CNC Machining and work centers for the Woodworking and Advanced Materials Industries

PADE USA Service Center

Pade USA, LLC is able to offer its customers the support required to address all training, installation, and troubleshooting issues from its physical location in Conover, NC.   Our technician is fully trained on all software, hardware, and mechanical aspects of the Pade line. The company infrastructure includes:

  • Pade trained and certified technician in-house.
  • In-house spare parts inventory combined with “same day” drop-ship agreement with the local machine and electronics parts vendors designed to minimize the wait time when our customers need parts “NOW”.
  • Complete 3-D modeling and software interface capability using our own digitizing system.
  • Machine programming capability for “in-house” support of our customers.
  • Training by our technicians either “in house” or “on-site”
  • Online diagnostics support from both Conover, NC, and from the factory.  

PADE 360 Direct

PADE DIRECT is activated during the installation of all-new machines.    A fully equipped diagnostics department is then ready to work with you at any time you need our help.  We are there to help you during hours that our US facility may be unavailable and if they need our support.   We are in continuous contact with the office in N.C.  and we have every confidence in the Pade USA team to follow any advice we might be able to lend them.  Our team has depth.  Among service employees, there are engineers, mechanics, and experts for our equipment that understand how our equipment relates to your application.  We are at your disposal.