5-Axis CNC Machining and work centers for the Woodworking and Advanced Materials Industries

Sports Equipment

PADE Uinze 10T CNC Linear Shapers Sanders CN Control

Uinze CNC

UINZE CNC Profile Shaping & Sanding Machine for Producing Solid Wood Components The UINZE CNC linear shaping and sanding machine is the ideal solution for

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Mill – 5 Axis CNC

MILL 5-Axis CNC Work Center Ideal for Manufacturing of Complex Parts Made of Solid Wood and Advanced Materials For the Production of Complex Parts Made

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PADE velox CA CNC work center portal

Velox 5-Axis CNC

Velox 5-Axis CNC Precise and Complex Machining Operations on Wood & Advanced Materials The Velox incorporates an overhead open beam design (fixed bridge-moving tables). Motor

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