CNC Work Center with Dual / Double / 2 Heads

CNC Work Center with Dual (Double) Independent Working Heads

Velox Duet CA

Maximized Productivity with two heads and two autoloaders. Unique design of the shippers without any support on the ground to excel-lens ergonomics of loading / unloading; the warehouses of the pieces are movable along the X axis, making this system unique and advantageous. The transition from manual to automatic loading loading is as simple and easy: simply apply the appropriate pressure and pneumatic vacuum to the media and bring to the work area of the warehouses apart.   … [Read more...]

Spin Duet

SPIN DUET and the center axis 10, with dual processing head. Ideal for machining complex parts with high production volumes. Each head is independent and can work a compenente than the other, thus giving the opportunity to advance several pieces in production and thus facilitate the production processonline. Thanks to its versatility SPIN DUET is used in the fields of wood, plastic, aluminum alloys andcomposite materials (CORIAN, HI-MAX, etc.).. The rigid and robust construction allows important races in Z, with various possible measures. … [Read more...]

Omega Duet

OMEGA DUET is the double head working centre with 10 controlled axes. It is ideal to work high volumes of pieces, with elongated shape. It is equipped with two automatic loaders/unloaders. It guarantees ZERO LOADING TIME being the piece on one side unloaded and reloaded while the two heads are working on the other piece, in the second working area. Further, its design allows maximum flexibility, being the machine able to work either two pieces (normally a right and left one) or one long piece, by “parking” one of the 2 hoppers on the side. … [Read more...]

Chrono Duet

Maximum flexibility and highest productivity: now possible with CHRONO DUET, a choice without compromise. It is a double CNC 5+5 axis centre with 2 independent working heads. Each of them can work simultaneously on the same component or execute a piece in its own working area. … [Read more...]

Velox Duet

VELOX DUET is the double head work centre with 10 controlled axes. It has been designed for precise complex machining operations to be executed on high volumes of pieces. Each head works independently from the other and can therefore machine a different component. This gives the great opportunity to facilitate and advance the production progress in line.   … [Read more...]