Sincro / Mill

The SINCRO and MILL are the newest machines from PADE.  They are in the same family of machines but offer different methods of holding the work piece.  Both are 5 axis machining centers with a fixed column, which makes them ideal to work long shaped pieces.  Their design allows working all sides. MAIN SINCRO and MILL CONFIGURATIONS T2 – 1 double spindle motor on a single support arm.  It is used in all those applications where few tools are needed (maximum of 2) such as veneer bended seat shells or plastic components after being … [Read more...]

Vario TT CA

Vario TT CA is the center with 5 axis head, moving crosshead, high rigidity and stability.  Equipped with 2 work benches and thanks to its versatility can be used both as a center of classical work on the 5-axis or to the execution of parts with vacuum clamping of the workpiece as it machines for working largepieces and set with store loading / unloading machines. VARIO TT is the machining centre with overhead 5 axis and mobile cross beam, featuring high rigidity and stability. It is equipped with 2 working tables and thanks to its … [Read more...]


SWING is the high speed-multipurpose work centre, ideal for complex machining on solid wood components, plastic parts and derivatives. It is possible to equip the SWING work center with 2 loading areas, thus allowing great advantages: • consecutive execution of right and left pieces or 2 totally different pieces • autonomy of the machine, having 2 areas to be charged, without the necessity of having the operator in front of it • possibility to set-up one piece magazine while the machine is working with the other one, thus eliminating set-up … [Read more...]

Vario TT

VARIO TT is the work centre with overhead 5 axes and mobile cross beam, featuring high rigidity and stability. It features 2 working tables, thus allowing to work separately or synchronized in case of very large components. It can be equipped with tool changer which will be “onboard” to guarantee the fastest possible tool changer times. … [Read more...]

Vario TR

VARIO TR is a machining centre with overhead 5-axis and mobile cross beam, featuring high rigidity and stability. Its special geometry enables 5-side machining of workpieces with one only positioning. It features a rotating table with two working stations. … [Read more...]


OMEGA is the machining centre with overhead 5-axis and mobile cross beam ideal to work long shaped pieces. The machine design allows to work 5 sides of the piece in one or two working areas.  OMEGA features 2 automatic loaders/unloaders which empathize its efficiency in producing large batches. Nevertheless machine modular construction also allows the manual loading to produce small batches as well. … [Read more...]

Chrono Solo

5 axes CNC work centre for the production of small/medium size components. It features one working area with 2 mobile traverses, each traverse with 2 vacuum pods (TANDEM). It is possible to add extra traverses in order to work several components in one cycle. The modular design allows to easily and rapidly fit to the main traverses dedicated equipment for piece holding such as TST, M3 and DOUBLECLAMP. … [Read more...]


The 5-axis Chrono is precise, fast and reliable yet it is affordable even for smaller companies.  Chrono will become the  indispensable “work-mate” for the execution of complex pieces and provide efficiency in the production of small jobs. Chrono is equipped with 4 mobile traverses, each of which comes with 2 “vacuum cups” (TANDEM).  The table can be divided into 2 working zones or set up as one large working area to accommodate longer pieces.  The modular design of the table allows the application of dedicated piece holding systems such as M3 … [Read more...]